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ALKA VITA is a modified liquid silicon based compound, it is also water soluble and easily absorbed. It is a non-mineral element that has been recommended to level and stabilize the pH of the whole organism. There is evidence that taken in adequate doses make extraordinary acts as an antioxidant, cellular detoxifying, antibiotic and analgesic and quickly helps as the body's pH levels to the optimum level helping the immune system to purge toxic acids and combat disease.
This is a derivative of the silica and silica is an "Essential Trace Mineral" known for bone and joint health, naturally produced within the body and believed to diminish as we age.
ALKA VITA toxicity tests and skin corrosion tests confirm that it is completely safe, without contraindications or side effects.
- Important role against malignant tumor formation and metastasis.
- Important function antiviral (HIV-AIDS)
- Significant decrease in pain and chronic fatigue.
- Significant decrease in adverse side effects of allopathic medicines as antibiotics and chemotherapy.
- Lower incidence of chronic and opportunistic infections.
- Antioxidant and support to the  immune systems.
- Leveling glucose and cholesterol trigliserids normal ranges.
- An optimal alkaline pH level in our cells.

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